Why Was The Gasket Subjected To Heat Treatment

- Nov 14, 2016-

The washer is mounted in a circular hole for axial movement of the fixed part in order to prevent the product from vibrating. Because of the large and uniform tightening force of the washers, they are used in the automotive industry to protect them from friction, leakage, and isolation materials and to prevent loosening or distribution. What happens if the gasket has not been heat treated, and why is it heat treated? Let's look at it.

If the gasket has not been heat-treated, then there will be dropped washer phenomenon, resulting in poor use of the machine can not produce enough elasticity, the impact of gasket indicators, so how to do it?

1, for no hardened gasket, can be used to check the toughness of the method to determine. In the detection of gasket quenching, if the gasket is not broken, can be used to detect hardness or metallographic analysis of the method to further determine whether the hardened, according to the detection of rework;

2, the need for all sorting gasket processing, can be hardened by hand or pull test method to distinguish between re-quenching treatment.

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