Tolerance Less Than 1/2 Of AS586 Standard

- Jul 18, 2017-

With the technology and science development, most of rubber and silicone sealing parts tolerance is improving ,normally O-Ring tolerance standard is AS568 or ISO 3601-1, many companies also make more progress.


Doit Products Rubber Co.,Ltd is making professional precision rubber parts in DongGuan, China, from design, research and develop ,produce,sales to terminal service, Doit is top 10 in this field.


At present Doit products can achieve less than 1/2 of AS568 standard for O Ring, which Min. diameter is 0.25mm, ID is 0.35mm.

AS568 tolerance is 0.08mm for diameter 1.78mm, Doit tolerance is 0.035mm in the same condition. It is great.


Doit is leader of precision parts fields.

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