The Unique Performance Of The Grommets

- Sep 13, 2017-

The unique performance of the Grommets
 The Grommets is installed in the Grommets groove and the appropriately compressed cross section is an O-shaped (round) Grommets. Can be used as oil, water, air, gas and other liquid and gas sealed use. Usage There are two types of static and sports. Compared with other Grommets, with the following superior performance:
1, the sealing structure is simple, the installation of compact, light weight.
2, with their own sealing effect, and sometimes only a Grommets will be able to complete the sealing effect.
3, good sealing performance, used as a fixed seal when almost no leakage, as a sports seal, only when the speed will be slightly leaked.
4, the movement of friction is very small, for the occasion of the pressure can also be adapted.
5, size and groove has been standardized, low cost, easy to use and purchase.
 The Grommets to increase the viscosity and tightness:
(1) to improve the viscosity of the media can reduce the leakage, the greater the better viscosity. Of course, increased viscosity will increase the power loss. At present, lubrication is often used to increase the medium viscosity method to reduce leakage. Such as semi-fluid grease, the viscosity between the oil and fat, with fat on behalf of the oil and so on.
(2) to reduce the gap, increase the width of the joint surface. The size of the joint surface gap is the main cause of leakage, it is not only with the metal surface processing accuracy, but also with the flatness. The effect of flatness is often greater than the machining accuracy, flatness is poor, the gap increases, and its relationship with the leakage is greater than the third party to increase the form, that is, the gap increased by 1 times the leakage will increase more than 7 times The To reduce leakage, the most important research object is to reduce the gap and increase the width of the joint surface.
(3) to reduce the pressure inside and outside, so that the box with the outside world. This method is applied more often, such as the box in the gear box above the fuel filler hole, when the gear in the high-speed rotation, the box temperature, the box pressure gradually increased, the oil to speed up the leak. If the oil hole in a tube connected with the outside air, so that the pressure difference between the two, the leakage will be better.
 The Grommets is mainly subjected to compression, and there is no problem with the tensile strength washer in theory. However, in practice, even in general, the washer must have a basic tensile strength, which is not only the need for material but also the Grommets Resistance to pressure medium tear or blow out the need. For non-metallic Grommets made by conventional compression methods with various rubber-bonded fiber-reinforced sheets, the transverse tensile strength and the longitudinal tensile strength are often different and the former is often lower than the latter, so the tensile strength is generally Refers to the transverse tensile strength.
Other semi-metallic Grommets and metal washers have a much higher tensile strength than non-metallic sheets and are therefore not a major consideration. Washer manufacturers in the production of Grommets, the washer of the stretch is sure to take into account.
 The Grommets may be affected by changes in physical and chemical properties due to the effects of various external environmental factors such as twisting, oxygen, ozone, light, heat, moisture, oil, or chemical solvents. In DIN7716, ISO2230, DIN9088 and other standards on the rubber Grommets storage, cleaning, maintenance made the basic provisions.
1: Temperature: 5-25 ℃ is the ideal storage temperature. Avoid contact with heat and sunlight. The Grommets removed from the low temperature storage state should be placed in an environment at 20 ° C before use.
2: humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, to avoid too wet or too dry, can not appear condensation phenomenon.
3: light: to avoid the sun and strong ultraviolet light with artificial light. Anti-UV bags provide the best protection. It is recommended that the windows of the warehouse be painted with red or orange paint or film.
4: radiation: to avoid ionizing radiation on the Grommets damage.
5: Oxygen and Ozone: The rubber material should be avoided in the circulating air. This may be achieved by packaging, winding, storing in an airtight container or other suitable means. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers. Avoid the following equipment in the warehouse: Mercury vapor lamps, high voltage electrical equipment, motors and other equipment.
6: deformation: the Grommets should be placed in a free state as far as possible, to avoid being stretched, compressed or other deformation.
7: Contact with liquid or semi-solid material: Do not touch solvents, oils, grease or other semi-solid materials.
8: Contact with metal or nonmetallic materials: Do not allow contact with magnetic materials, cast iron, copper and its alloys, or contain materials that may damage the rubber. Do not use PVC material to wrap the washer. The Grommets of different materials can not be mixed.

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