The Three Key Issues Of The Standard O Rings Selection

- Jul 20, 2017-

The three key issues of the Standard O Rings selection

Standard O Rings is a commonly used seal. In the process of design and selection, there are three most important things:

First: groove size:

The Standard O Rings is installed in the groove. In order to have the best sealing effect, we should set an initial pre-compact. Static seal and dynamic seal should be considered during the design of groove. The section size of the Standard O Rings is proportional to the height of the groove. If the groove is too wide or too narrow, at the time of installation will appear stretched and tightening the size is too big, so shear force or appear easily in the process of using the surplus quantity is not enough and cause the damage of the seal and leak.

Second: working environment and media

This includes temperature, medium, and frequency. Fluorine rubber working temperature at 250 ℃ or so, in the work under the temperature of work should be fully considered. Standard O Rings medium is wide, inorganic salt, water, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, lithium base fat, etc. If the use of bifluoride adhesive must be used for secondary vulcanization. Frequency refers to the reciprocating speed and rotation speed of the sealing parts. Due to the good wear resistance of fluorine, most of the working environment can meet the requirements.

Third: work form

According to work form can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal. If the working form of oil cylinder can be divided into: hole seal, shaft seal and rotary seal; The diameter of the hole shall be equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the groove. In the axial device, you should think about the direction of pressure. The device can be divided into radial device and axial device. In the radial device, the error between the inner diameter of the Standard O Rings and the diameter of the sealed diameter shall be as small as possible.

During the repair of mechanical equipment, the damage condition of the type 0 seal groove can be obtained, not only the damage condition and the reason, but also the relevant situation of the hydraulic system.

1, Standard O Rings grooves radial incision or bite, and may be due to stress, contact Angle, seal clearance is too large or moving parts due to improper installation and synthetic material is too soft, but also do not rule out the causes such as long term overheating of the hydraulic system,

2. The standard o-ring grooves produce axial incisions, which may be caused by scratches or uneven gaps during installation;

3. The flattening deformation of the Standard O Rings groove is caused by poor material and insufficient elasticity.

4. The serious wear and tear of the Standard O Rings is due to the improper lubrication, if the distortion is not installed properly;

5. If the Standard O Rings is expanding, it indicates that the hydraulic oil is unsuitable or the rubber ring material is not suitable;

6. The local damage may be improperly installed, or the oil contains impurities, which may be caused by rotating parts;

7. The Standard O Rings fracture indicates that the system is overheating. Should check the oil quality type and pressure and whether the cooling condition is good.

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