The Technical Requirements Of Grommets In Girder Steel Protection Layer

- Jul 11, 2017-

The technical requirements of Grommets in girder steel protection layer

Grommetss have important meaning in construction engineering, and different building structures have different requirements for Grommetss. For example, the application of Grommets in the protection layer of beam reinforcement is required for its thickness, material and performance.

1. The beam reinforced protective layer thickness, related technical regulations, to ensure the accuracy of the thickness, shape to reinforced positioning, washer size, or fixed effects are better.

2. It is required that the Grommets shall be equal to the life of the beam, so that the durability of the beam body is reliable.

3. The Grommets material should have the same expansion coefficient as the beam body material, and when the temperature changes, the Grommets can be closely combined with the beam body structure to ensure higher strength and stability.

4. It is required to use the Grommets of the beam body to have the properties such as antifreeze, chloride ion permeability, alkali resistance, crack resistance and reinforcement, so as to ensure the stable and reliable structure of the beam body.

5. For the shape requirement of the Grommets, it is conducive to the fixation of the steel bar and contact with the contact of the template to ensure the aesthetic appearance of the beam body.

6. The place where the Grommets and the reinforcement are combined should set the limit slot, which can be used to locate the accurate position so as not to shift.

For the number and arrangement of Grommetss, the stability of the protective layer is ensured and the deformation is full.

In conclusion, the Grommets is a kind of building component with good performance, which has certain advantages in materials, structure and specifications, so it is used more and more in construction.

A bottle washer is a wine packing product placed on the bottom of the bottle cap. So why add a washer to the bottom of the cap? What are the benefits of doing this? What is the harm of not doing so? Let the staff give you detailed answers.

1. Seal. Bottle washer can effectively block the external and internal air direct contact between alcohol and cap, the sponge can effectively eliminate internal elixir direct contact with air, so as to prevent volatilization, metamorphism and running conditions. Able to maintain the taste of internal products for a long time and prolong the life of alcohol.

2. Pressure buffer. In addition to being able to achieve the sealing effect, it can also cushion the pressure of each side when the bottle is pressed to prevent the mouth from cracking and breaking.

Hygiene. In addition to the above two points, the professional treatment and disinfection of the cap Grommets is more direct than the liquor and bottle caps. This not only makes consumers feel comfortable, but also has a good packaging effect, so the bottle cap Grommets has become one of the must-have items in bottle packaging.

The Grommets is in the car body, especially the passenger car interior decoration, the truck driving indoor top, even inside the body some maintenance hole cover board and so on, all adopt plastic buckle. When repairing the body, gently use the screwdriver with the screwdriver when removing the inner plate of the buckle, and not damage the edge of the buckle. In repairing the metal parts of the body, the hole should be redrilled wherever there are cavities. Due to different manufacturers and different parts of the card, the card can not be used to each other, causing the assembly and the card to not be in place, or even the failure.

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