The Part Of The Gasket Between The Connector And The Nut

- Jun 05, 2017-

 Grommets The part of the gasket between the connector and the nut. Generally flat metal ring, used to protect the surface of the connector is not subject to nuts to scratch, disperse the nut on the pressure of the connected parts.


  Grommets Washers are divided into: flat washers-C, large washers-A and C-class, large washers-C stage, small washers-A grade, flat washers-A grade, flat washers - chamfered-A grade, Strength washers, spherical washers, tapered washers, I-beam oblique washers, channel inclined behers, standard spring washers, light spring washers, heavy spring washers, internal gear lock washers, serrated lock washers, Outer gear lock washers, outer serrated lock washers, single ear stop washers, double ear stop washers, outer tongue stop washers, round nuts with stop washers.

  Flat washers are generally used in the connector is a soft, one is hard and more brittle, and its main role is to increase the contact area, decentralized pressure, to prevent the texture of the soft crushed. The spring ring of the basic role of the spring is re-nut tightened to the nut after a force to increase the friction between the nut and bolt! Material for the 65Mn (spring steel), heat treatment hardness HRC44 ~ 51HRC, the surface oxidation.

  Spark is a flexible mat or card

  A bead that prevents the bolt from loosening. The working principle of the lock washers is very simple. It consists of two gaskets. The outside is with a radial convex surface, and the inside of the oblique surface. When the assembly, the inner side of the oblique tooth between the opposite, the outer radial convex surface and the two ends of the contact surface into the state, when the connector by vibration, and make the bolt loosening trend, only to allow two gasket inside the oblique tooth surface relative Dislocation, resulting in lifting tension, so as to achieve 100% lock.

  Grommets Spring washers are widely used in the bearing and non-bearing structures of general mechanical products. They are characterized by low cost and easy installation. They are suitable for frequent parts of assembly and disassembly. Washers are easy to optimize the selection of automatic selection, but the spring washers loose ability is very low! Especially in Europe and the United States require high reliability products in the adoption rate is very low, especially the important bearing structure of the connection site has long been abandoned. Our country has some applications in the military sector, but has improved to stainless steel. Steel spring washers have long been banned in CASC! Also said to be very insecure, the reason there are two 1 is "rose circle" 2 is hydrogen embrittlement.

  Spring washers in the screw industry, often called the bomb pad. Its material is made of stainless steel and carbon steel, carbon steel is iron. Commonly used spring washer size specifications are M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10.M12, M14, M16. These specifications are more commonly used. Spring washer national standard GB / T 94.1-87, the standard specification of the standard 2 - 48mm standard spring washers. Reference standard GB94.4-85 "elastic washer technical conditions spring washer"

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