The Influence Of Magnetic Tile Performance On The Motor

- Nov 14, 2016-

The effect of magnetic tile performance on the motor:

(1) high residual magnetic flux density Br. Because in the same magnetic surface area and air gap, Br high to produce large output torque and large power. The motor will have a higher efficiency.

(2) high Hcb. Because Hcb high, in order to ensure that the motor output of the required electromotive force, the motor operating point near the maximum energy product, make full use of the ability of the magnet.

(3) high Hcj. Hcj high to ensure that the motor has a strong resistance to overload demagnetization and anti-aging, anti-low temperature capability.

(4) is high (BH) max. (BH) max, the better the coefficient of work for the actual operation of the permanent magnet ferrite in the motor.

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