The Influence Of Different Ways On Magnetization Of Magnetic

- Nov 14, 2016-

Magnetic tile into the shell (stick good) and then magnetizing, and then assembly as a whole; magnetic tile into the chassis (Stick good), and then assembled a good product, and finally the overall magnetization.

Different ways of magnetic tile magnetization:

1, the first method of magnetization than the second, three kinds of magnetization method of surface remanence is about 10% lower, in general, the second magnetization method is more reasonable;

2, the first way is very convenient magnetization, and some plants use the solenoid tunnel magnetization, high production efficiency;

3, the second way of magnetizing, and some plants with external punch, and some use within the red, magnetic tile or magnetic ring need to stick a good drying, the production is also very convenient;

4, the third way to magnetize, there are many small motor (mostly three slots) use this way, its installed in the rotor because there is no magnetic assembly, but it is not convenient to check the magnetic charge is good.

5, the first magnetization method is open magnetization, due to magnetic field when there is no external magnetic field, does not constitute a closed loop, magnetic tile magnetization is not easy saturation, magnetic flux density of the magnetic impact of the general closed-circuit charge Magnetic will be low;

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