The Design Principle And Production Technology Of Locking Ring

- Nov 14, 2016-

A snap ring including a left blank and a right flap, wherein the left flap is provided with at least one first chuck, and the right flap is opened with a first chock on the left flap, And a second lock slot on which a first lock groove is opened and a second lock groove is formed on the right blank cover to engage with the first lock groove on the left blank plate to catch the locking pin to prevent the two flaps from separating, And the opening direction of the first locking groove is different from the opening direction of the first locking groove. The invention has the advantages that the card slot is different from the opening direction of the locking groove, and after the card slot of the left and right block blocks the shaft, the locking pin is inserted into the locking groove, so that the left and right two blank pieces can not be separated, , And the installation and locking is simple and convenient, the use of this ring with the first shaft to install the way, you can fix the axis of the left and right position, making the left and right support plate and shaft connected into a steady-state rigid frame structure, Make full use of the support plate, so that carrying capacity increased several times.

The invention is characterized in that: firstly, the mold is installed on the punch press equipment, and after the strip is put on the punch press equipment, the strip is punched into the arc type with certain curvature by using the mold of the punch press equipment , And finally said arc-shaped bar having a certain curvature is re-curled into a circle having an opening by means of a punch press, thereby forming a retaining ring. The use of this process to produce ring, its speed, high security, in particular, to reduce consumption of more than 30% of materials, will be widely used in the standard parts production industry.

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