On The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Overall Competitiveness Of China 's Grommets Industry

- Oct 13, 2017-

The Grommets industry is divided into two pieces, namely the washer and the static washer. I mainly talk about the static washer. As we all know, in our country, the Grommets industry can be said to be the smallest industry, but the product can be used with large industrial use. Regardless of aviation, navigation, oil, chemicals, or machinery, power generation, metallurgy, mining, etc., are inseparable from the Grommets. In short, all the organic, pump, tube, valve place, are dependent on the Grommets. So the industry is small, the surface is very wide involved. In recent years, with the economic development, the development of the Grommets industry is also very fast. But with other industries is different, the Grommets industry is developing fast, Grommets business changes are slower. For example, the late 70s and early 80s, only in the river, Zhejiang, Lu have several manufacturers, and now both the coastal, the mainland, or the South, the north, everywhere visible Grommets factory, the entire washer industry from the previous few, Development to the present 300 as much, this development rate can be said to be very fast. But in terms of individual enterprises, many companies do not change, the scale of production detour, and some even retrogression, science and technology not only did not increase the big, but in the weakened, many manufacturers still holding the "four old" , That is, old products, old technology, old equipment, the old scale. Of course, there are some enterprises, imitation of some of the ability to imitate a strong product, but in the entire industry with independent development of new business capacity is not much.  In terms of products, the vast majority of manufacturers or some spiral wound Grommets, packing ring, packing and high-strength Grommetss and other old products, and still around 20 years ago developed the expansion of graphite and the ancient and near the elimination of prohibited asbestos do Articles, rarely able to get out of this circle. Slightly innovative polytetrafluoroethylene products, in technology and quality greatly lagged behind abroad, such as PTFE packing, expansion of PTFE belt. Looking around, few new products.
In terms of technical strength, the proportion of scientific and technical personnel in most enterprises is small. Many enterprises lack the technical personnel of genuine science class. The technical force is weak, so the enterprise lacks the corresponding development and transformation ability. Such as PTFE packing, began to imitate, but only in the PTFE added filler only. Now basically solve the problem of color uniformity, but the connection between the PTFE polymer has not fundamentally resolved. Because it has not been through this process, leading to the current stage of domestic black PTFE tensile strength is poor. And to solve this problem, there is no certain skill is very difficult. Like high-strength graphite composite panels, in the thorns have been greatly improved, the connection problem has been a better solution, but the anti-sticking problem has not yet been resolved, low sulfur corrosion products have not seen production, and more meaningful Low leakage rate products have not been studied. Since the establishment of the European Union, the combination of the strong, to promote the EU to raise and establish a new European Grommets quality standards, replacing the previous dependence on the American Fluid Association to develop a series of standards. In the new European Grommets quality standards appear and emphasize the leakage rate. China's current product leakage rate is generally 10-1mg / s level, while Europe has emerged a leakage rate of 10-4mg / s level of high-strength graphite composite panel!  In terms of equipment, the vast majority of enterprises have only a few Taiwan's old knitting machine, several native winding machine, simple punching machine and shearing machine, depending on the ability of the old workers to organize production; and many manufacturers of equipment in the production process is not long-term state of unsatisfactory.
To be frank, many of the sales of many manufacturers are outsourced purchases, the proportion of their own production is not very high. So from the current situation, many small businesses is difficult with some foreign well-known companies, manufacturers compete. China's Grommets industry in the international counterparts in the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages In summary, our ishers industry competitiveness is weak, but this refers to some small businesses, we also have some strong companies or factories. Although there are several well-known large enterprises abroad, but also have more small businesses, there are many businessmen specializing in Grommets business to buy products to China, to their own or other countries sales, so the entire international counterparts to pieces, Advantages and disadvantages are different.

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