O-ringss Characteristics

- Jul 11, 2017-

O-ringss characteristics

The O-rings is not conductive, and it is not corrosion-resistant. Thermal conductivity is low, no magnetism, and the strength - weight ratio is high, so it can be used in many situations. In addition, due to its simple structure, can be used according to the environment with all kinds of plastic raw materials for mass production, so the price is low, so it is widely used in the car Advantages: no other materials, reduce the product cost; Simple operation; The function of the replacement screw nut and other expensive metal parts; Adapt to the assembly of ordinary plastic parts; No complex operation technical requirements such as welding and point glue; Some plastic products can be reloaded.

Disadvantages: high mold cost is required; Easy to appear some common bad phenomena, such as the card buckle assembly is not in place or habitual empty clothing; It is very difficult to make the clasp to be completely close. After assembly, there will be a few peristalsis under the action of gravity. If the design is not reasonable or weak, it will affect the quality and sales of the product. With the use of more times, it is easy to rupture, etc., and the fracture position is difficult to repair. For undetachable assembly on plastic-forming parts, only replacement parts can be removed. The design of buckle design requires the accumulation of experience in tolerances.

The plastic products are in the car body, especially the interior decoration of the passenger car, the roof of the truck driving, and even some maintenance hole cover boards in the body, all adopt the O-rings. When repairing the body, gently use the screwdriver with the screwdriver when removing the inner plate of the buckle, and not damage the edge of the buckle. In repairing the metal parts of the body, the hole should be redrilled wherever there are cavities. Due to different manufacturers and different parts of the card, the card can not be used to each other, causing the assembly and the card to not be in place, or even the failure.

The application of O-rings can form a distance between the reinforcement and the template, which is the thickness of the protection layer, which has a great influence on the construction quality of the building.

O-ringss strength is high, specification standard, so the protection layer structure is more stable, when fire, it can reduce the heat deformation of the steel bar, thus improving the safety of the building.

Can protect the steel bar to open after the template does not show, by a certain cement layer to protect the steel bar, prevent it from rusting, and determines the O-ringss is the thickness of the cement layer, is too thin, protective effect is lower, too thick, the waste of materials.

Unified use specifications of O-ringss, is constant, the distance between the reinforcement force uniform, so reinforcement in construction, have the effect of the mechanical structure is greatly improved, good shock resistance, if there is a small O-ringss, so, protective layer thickness is uneven, force is uneven, in some places bar will appear.

O-ringss, therefore, is very important in the role of housing construction, plastic protection buckle manufacturer must choose the appropriate materials, and pay attention to the specifications of the O-ringss standard, reasonable structure, which guarantees the construction quality.

This should begin with the importance of concrete protection. In concrete structures, the stability of the cover must have enough, this requires it in intensity, thickness accord with a standard, if the cover thickness uneven or rupture, so, it will affect the stability and quality level of the construction. O-ringss in the application of the concrete cover, which is to ensure the maintenance of layer thickness on average, stability, if the specifications of the O-ringss big difference compare with, so, about the dangers of concrete engineering is how big.

When the specifications of the O-ringss big difference compare with, maintain the thickness of the layer is not average, some central compare with thick, some central will compare with thin, so that maintenance of the bearing capacity of the layer will have certain difference, if rupture, can cause steel corrosion, the stability of the building structure will influence, thus affecting construction quality.

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