O-ring And Its Friction Is A Kind Of Relationship?

- Jun 23, 2017-

O-ring and its friction is a kind of relationship?
Friction and wear are important factors in O-ring damage. The degree of wear depends mainly on the size of the friction. When the liquid pressure is small, the size of the O-ring friction depends on its pre-compression. When the working fluid to withstand the pressure, the friction increases with the working pressure increases. In the case where the working pressure is less than 20 MPa, the relationship is approximately linear. When the pressure is more than 20MPa, with the increase of pressure, the increase of the contact area between the O-ring and the metal surface is gradually slow, and the increase of the friction force is correspondingly slow. Under normal circumstances, the life of the O-ring with the liquid pressure will be similar to the increase in the square relationship was reduced. The increase in frictional force causes a large amount of frictional heat between the rotating and reciprocating shaft and the O-ring. Since most O-rings are made of rubber, the thermal conductivity is extremely poor. Therefore, the friction heat will cause the aging of the rubber, resulting in O-ring effect, damage its sealing performance. Friction also causes damage to the O-ring surface, reducing the amount of compression. Severe friction will soon cause O-ring surface damage, loss of sealing.
Now we can be very intuitive to know, O-ring friction to a large extent for the O-ring life is dynamic O-ring friction affect the application has a great impact, so the application of O-ring Do not ignore it when the friction Oh!
O-ring use of a wide range, suitable for static sealing, dynamic sealing and other forms of sealing. And O-ring size and groove have been standardized, to facilitate the replacement of parts. But also for rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined movement and other sports. As the O-ring itself and the installation site structure has been standardized, so the installation and replacement are very easy. In addition O-ring low cost, dynamic friction resistance is relatively small. O-ring section structure is very simple, and there is self-sealing effect manufacturers, O-ring manufacturers to analyze the advantages of O-ring sealing performance is safe and reliable. Can achieve the oil, air, gas and a variety of chemical media for effective sealing effect.
The performance of the O-ring material directly affects the performance of the O-ring. In addition to the general requirements of the sealing ring material, O-ring seal should also note the following conditions: flexible and resilient. Stable performance, easy to swell in the medium, heat shrinkage effect (Joule effect) small. Do not corrode the contact surface, do not pollute the media and so on. Appropriate mechanical strength, including expansion strength, elongation and tear strength. Easy to shape, and can maintain the precise size. The most suitable and most commonly used material for the above requirements is rubber, so O-rings are made of rubber. Rubber varieties are many, and there have been new varieties of rubber appear, the design and selection, should understand the characteristics of various rubber rubber, rubber is O-ring quality material is reasonable

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