Introduction Of Knowledge About Elastic Retaining Ring

- Nov 14, 2016-

Hole with a flexible retaining ring, hole with retaining ring, hole with the card, hole with a ring. Installed in a circular hole for fixed parts of the axial movement, the diameter of such rings than the diameter of the round hole diameter slightly larger. Installation must be with a circlip pliers, the clamp jaws into the clamp hole in the ring, clamping ring, in order to put a hole in the pre-processed hole.

HRC 44-51 (process reference value); material to 65Mn spring steel-based, product surface treatment, the spring steel is basically black or heat treatment for the heat treatment, Phosphating, to ensure hardness, elasticity uniformity, the surface flush deburring. Stainless steel, stainless steel ring surface bright color. We can also be customized according to your needs, according to your use of conditions, select the right materials, the maximum to meet your needs.

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