How To Store O-rings Storage Method

- Aug 22, 2017-

How to store O-rings storage method

O-rings storage methods are the following:

1, O-rings should be stored in the direct sunlight, wet and air is not in place to prevent the O-rings to accelerate aging, storage O-rings suitable temperature of 0-20 ℃, the appropriate air humidity of 70% or more. In addition, should also avoid radiation, disgust, insects, rodents, dust, sand, mechanical damage and other damage.

2, O-rings storage must be more than 1 meter from the heat source, not allowed with acid, alkali, solution grease and other liquid, gas contact. It is not allowed to use any ozone-generating device during storage.

3, do not allow compression, stretching or other forms, not allowed to use rope, wire and other products will be plugged up bolt

4, O-rings with plastic bags in general, the effective custody of 2-3 years.

There are many factors that affect the performance of the O-rings seal, which is an important reason for the impact of the seal is good or bad, the level of pressure, the length of the pressure cycle cycle changes in the seal damage (such as extrusion) is great Impact. The higher the pressure, the greater the impact of other factors on the performance of the seal, such as temperature, speed, seal material, clearance between the piston and cylinder, clearance between the piston and cylinder head. There is also the temperature with the friction, the highest temperature of a seal material and the use of the minimum temperature is difficult to describe, because this is a series of factors combined results. For the piston and piston rod operating temperature is different, to distinguish them from the choice. One is the surface roughness of the seal product, the characteristics of the surface, the pressure, the medium, the temperature, the material of the seal, the type of the seal, and the speed of the movement. These are the factors that affect the O-rings. Experience shows that the impact of imported and imported O-ringss The characteristics of the cylinder piston and piston rod surface have a very large impact on the life of the seal. These are the factors that affect the O-rings sealing performance.

Distortion is the O-rings along the circumference of the phenomenon of twisting, distortion occurs in the dynamic seal state.

There are many reasons for distorting damage, the most important of which is due to the piston, piston rod and cylinder gap is not uniform, eccentricity is too large, O-rings cross-section diameter caused by uneven, due to O-rings caused by more than a week of friction Force is not uniform, some parts of the O-rings friction is too large, distortion occurs. Often, O-ringss with smaller cross-section are prone to uneven friction. Causing distortions. In addition, due to the presence of coaxial deviation of the sealing groove, the sealing height is not equal and O-rings cross-section diameter uneven phenomenon, may make part of the O-rings compression is too large, the other part is too small or not compressed. When the eccentricity of the trench is greater than the compression of the O-rings, the seal will fail completely. Shadow of the closure of the O-rings twist cause analysis of the trench coaxial deviation of another major damage is to make O-rings seal along the circumference of uneven. In addition, due to O-rings cross-section diameter, material hardness, oil film thickness and other uneven and the surface of the shaft surface roughness and other factors, resulting in a part of the O-rings along the surface of the slide, the other part of the rolling, resulting in O-rings twist. O-rings in the course of the work of distortion is a very dangerous thing, every day to pay attention to avoid!

O-rings static seal: According to the working pressure, static seal can be divided into low-pressure static seal and high pressure static seal. Medium and low pressure static seal commonly used material is soft, gasket wide pad seal, high pressure static seal with the material is hard, the contact width is very narrow metal gasket. Dynamic Seal: According to the relative movement of the seal with the zero part of the contact, can be divided into contact seals and non-contact seal. Generally speaking, the sealing of the contact seal is good, but by the friction, wear restrictions, suitable for sealing the lower surface of the occasion. In the contact seal according to the contact position of the seal can be divided into circumferential (radial) seal and end seal. End seal is also known as mechanical seal. Non-contact dynamic seal with labyrinth seals and power seals. The former is the use of fluid in the gap between the throttling effect of leakage, leakage is large, usually used in the seal between the level of sealing; requirements are not high occasions. O-rings power seal with centrifugal seal, floating ring seal, screw seal, etc., is generated by the pressure element to offset the pressure on both sides of the seal to overcome the leakage, it has a high sealing, but the energy consumption, and difficult Get high pressure head. Non-contact seal, because the sealing surface is not directly contact, starting power is small, long life. Can you distinguish now?

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