How To Solve The Wuxi O-rings Fracture

- Aug 02, 2017-

How to solve the wuxi O-rings fracture

How do you know how to break the ring? Do you know how to solve this situation? This is for you to share!

A visual inspection

The key step in this failure analysis is the thorough inspection of the mechanical damage of the O-rings gasket. Obviously, all three O - type gaskets have been damaged, which will inevitably result in leakage. Surprisingly, all three O-rings faults are directed toward the source of pressure, not away from it. However, ignoring other possible causes of failure may lead to neglect of more critical factors that can lead to optimal prevention. In the example of this article, the O-rings gasket did not produce any other mechanical damage. The o-rings, for example, not put extrusion failure evidence related to the pressure, when more than the strength of the material can withstand the pressure of the fluid, the rubber will be squeezed into the accessories, the gap between the "damaged" rubber area. This situation obviously does not exist on this O-rings washer. And there is no indication that this type O-rings has produced any compression of the parts that are assembled.

In addition, there is no evidence of chemical decomposition or thermal degradation of the rubber material. Unlike other damage points, the O-rings washer has no significant expansion, hardening, softening, foaming, compression deformation, embrittlement, or tensile strength loss. Very simple, compared to other obvious damage. For these reasons, the chemical and thermal incompatibility of these sealants can be proven to be not the underlying cause of failure.

Analyze the fracture

The failure of the O-rings gasket is most frequently found in the process of assembling the o-gasket in order to meet the application. In this case, though, the O-rings gasket passed the initial leak test and was used for several weeks. This is not possible for the damaged O-rings gasket. Therefore, the O type gasket must be undamaged during installation and initial stress tests. This means that the o-gasket must have been damaged during the use of the gasket, which is a rare condition in a static O type gasket sealing device after it has been installed in the slot. Damage to this type of use usually goes back one or two reasons.

The most common use of O type gasket damage is caused by tear, which is spread from the initial torsion point. In this case, a part of the O-rings seal is crushed in the assembled metal parts, usually when the groove is accidentally ejected during installation. Damage type O sealing ring in this way can show obvious signs of mechanical damage, including: some were badly crushed, type O sealing ring on the missing part, on the cross section is a semicircle removal, etc. In some cases, a compact O-rings will be damaged during the use of the initial leak test, which is due to the initial shrinkage of the o-ring seal. However, there is no evidence of any shrinkage in these fail-O-rings seals.

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