How To Solve The Customize Gaskets

- Aug 11, 2017-

How to solve the Customize Gaskets
 How do you know that the Customize Gaskets? Do you know how to deal with this situation? Junda this to share with you!
Visual inspection
A key step in this failure analysis is a thorough examination of the mechanical damage to the custom gasket. Obviously, all three custom gaskets are damaged, which will lead to leakage. Surprisingly, all three custom gaskets are broken in the direction of the pressure source, rather than deviating from it. However, ignoring other causes that may lead to failure may lead to the neglect of more critical factors that can lead to the best possible precautionary approach. In the example in this article, the custom gasket does not produce any other mechanical damage. For example, this custom gasket does not have evidence of pressure-related extrusion failure, when the fluid pressure exceeds the strength of the material, the rubber will be squeezed into the gap between the accessories, leaving "damage" Rubber area. This situation is clearly not present on this custom washer. And there is no indication that this custom washer produces any way of compression between the assembled parts.
In addition, the rubber material does not have any signs of chemical decomposition or thermal degradation. Unlike other damage points, the custom gasket has no significant expansion, hardening, softening, blistering, compression deformation, embrittlement or loss of tensile strength. Very simple, no damage compared to other obvious damage. For these reasons, the chemical and thermal incompatibility of these sealing materials can be proven to be a potential factor in the underlying cause of failure.
Analysis of the fracture
The custom gasket failure is most often seen in order to meet the application, the custom washer is stretched during the assembly process. In this case, though, the custom washer passed the initial leak test and was used for several weeks. For the destruction of the custom gasket it is impossible. Therefore, when installing and initial stress testing, the custom gasket must be no damage. This means that the custom washer is certainly damaged during use, that is, when it is installed in the slot, this is a very rare situation in a static custom gasket seal. Destruction of this type of use can usually be traced back to one or two reasons.
The most common use of custom gasket damage is tearing, which is spread from the initial twist point. In this case, a portion of the custom gasket is crushed in the fitted metal part, usually when the groove is accidentally ejected during installation. Custom gaskets that are damaged in this way will show signs of significant mechanical damage, including: parts that are severely crushed, some parts of the custom washer are missing, and there are semi-circular cuts in the cross section. In some cases, a tightened custom gasket will pass through the initial leak test and is damaged during use, which is due to the initial shrinkage of the custom washer to damage the propagation results. However, there is no evidence of shrinkage damage in these failed custom washers.
 In the repair of machinery and equipment, through the identification of the damage to the Customize Gaskets, not only can be informed of the damage and the reasons, and can get the relevant information on the hydraulic system
1, the Customize Gaskets to produce radial incision or bites, may be due to excessive pressure, contact sharp corners, the movement of the gap is too large or due to improper installation and the material is too soft, but does not rule out the hydraulic system Long overheating and other reasons;
2, Customize Gaskets to produce axial incision, may be installed when the scratch or gap caused by uneven;
3, Customize Gaskets flattening deformation is due to poor material, caused by lack of flexibility;
4, custom gasket serious wear and tear is due to poor lubrication, if the distortion is improper installation;
5, if the expansion of the custom gasket, then the hydraulic oil is not suitable or the ring material is not appropriate。

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