How Does The Customize Gaskets Check For Good Or Bad?

- Aug 22, 2017-

How does the Customize Gaskets check for good or bad?

How does the Customize Gaskets check for good or bad? On this issue, we Wuxi Rongrui seal factory finishing some of the content, together to find out!

1. Cylinder is made of casting, the cylinder after the factory have to undergo aging treatment, Customize Gaskets so that the cylinder in the live casting process generated by the internal stress completely eliminated. If the aging time is short, then the processing of the cylinder in the future operation will be deformed.

2. Cylinder in the run-time force is very complicated,Customize Gaskets  in addition to the pressure inside and outside the cylinder pressure and installed in the weight of each component of the static load, but also to withstand the steam out of the static part of the static part of the reaction force, As well as a variety of connecting pipe hot and cold state of the cylinder on the force, in the interaction of these forces, the cylinder prone to plastic deformation caused by leakage.

3. Cylinder load increase and decrease too fast, Customize Gaskets especially the fast start, stop and change the working conditions of the temperature changes, the way the warm cylinder is not correct, open the insulation to open the insulation layer too early, in the cylinder and flange Produce great thermal stress and thermal deformation.

4. Cylinder in the process of mechanical processing or after welding caused by stress, but not the cylinder to be tempered to eliminate, Customize Gaskets resulting in the cylinder there is a large residual stress, in the operation of a permanent deformation.

5. In the process of installation or overhaul, due to repair process and maintenance technology reasons, so that the cylinder, cylinder baffle, partitions and steam envelopes expansion gap is not appropriate, or the expansion of the expansion of the pressure plate is not appropriate, Customize Gaskets After running a huge expansion force to make the cylinder deformation.

6. The use of the cylinder sealant quality is not good, Customize Gaskets too much impurity or model wrong; cylinder sealant if the hard impurity particles will make the sealing surface is difficult to tightly combined.

7. Customize Gaskets The tightening of the cylinder bolts or the material of the bolt is not acceptable. The tightness of the cylinder joint surface is mainly achieved by the tightening force of the bolt. The start and stop of the unit or increase or decrease the load generated by the thermal stress and high temperature will cause the bolt stress relaxation, if the stress is insufficient, the bolt preload will be gradually reduced. If the cylinder bolt material is not good, the bolt in the long run, in the thermal stress and cylinder expansion force under the action of elongation, plastic deformation or fracture, tight force will be insufficient, so that the phenomenon of cylinder leakage.

8. Customize Gaskets The cylinder bolts are tightened in the wrong order. The general cylinder bolts in the fastening from the middle to both sides of the same time fastening, that is, from the largest vertical arc or deformation of the largest place to tighten, so that the deformation of the largest gap to the cylinder before and after the freedom The end of the transfer, the last gap gradually disappear. If it is from both sides to the middle of the tight, the gap will be concentrated in the middle, the cylinder joint surface to form a bow gap, causing steam leakage.

Customize Gaskets size and vulcanizing machine size does not need to be large. This time how to deal with it? First, when bonding the Customize Gaskets to ensure that the basic appearance of the defects do not appear, can not degumming glitches, the force of the case firmly, the bonding site will not be broken, then we stick large-scale Customize Gaskets when the cut to ensure 45 ┬░, so after the bond out of the force even more than the uniform force, toughness strong. In addition, when the bonding, if the Customize Gaskets in the absence of chemical treatment, Customize Gaskets adhesion how to deal with it can be directly in the case of high temperature and other direct air. If the Customize Gaskets with chemical media does not remove the case can be used acrylic or epoxy glue or the like bonding.

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