Comparison Of Raw Material Performance Of O-rings

- Jul 03, 2017-

Comparison of raw material performance of O-rings

SIL silicone rubber O-rings:

It has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging properties. It has good insulation. But the tensile strength is lower than the general rubber and it is not oily.

Applicable to household appliances such as electric water heater, electric iron, microwave oven, etc. It is also applicable to all kinds of products that have contact with the human body, such as kettle, water dispenser and so on. It is not recommended for most concentrated solvents, oils, strong acids and sodium hydroxide. General use temperature range is - 55 ~ 250 ℃.

VITON fluoride rubber O-rings:

High temperature resistance is superior to silicone rubber. It has excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance and chemical resistance. For most oil products and solvents, there is resistance, especially acids, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons and animal and vegetable oils.

Suitable for diesel engine, fuel system and chemical plant. It is not recommended to use ketone, low molecular weight esters, and a mixture containing nitrate. General use temperature range is - 20 ~ 250 ℃. (note: resistant to oil, acid, and alkali)

FLS fluoro silicone rubber O-rings: its performance has the advantages of fluorine rubber and silicon rubber, oil resistance, solvent resistance, fuel oil and high and low temperature tolerance. An erosion resistant to oxygen-containing compounds, solvents containing aromatic hydrocarbons, and solvents containing chlorine.

It is commonly used for aviation, aerospace and military purposes. It is not recommended to be exposed to ketone and brake oil. General use temperature range is - 50 ~ 200 ℃.

EPDM tri-propylene rubber O-rings:

Good weather resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance. It can be used in alcohols and ketones and can be used to seal high temperature water vapor environment.

Suitable for bathroom equipment, automobile radiator and automobile brake system. It is not recommended for food use or for exposure to mineral oils. General use temperature range is - 55 ~ 150 ℃. (note: oil resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant)

O ring mould maintenance work, to its good condition, ensure the quality of stamping parts, avoid accidents, prolong its service life, ensure its normal production. It's very important.

The main form of failure of type O ring die

(1) wear (including abrasive wear, adhesion wear, fatigue wear and corrosion)

(2) fracture (including cracking, fragmentation, broken blade, dropping and peeling)

(3) shape-changing

O ring mould cleaning

In order to guarantee the quality of the stamping parts and prolong the service life of the die, the mould should be cleaned and cleaned

A, daily cleaning and cleaning B, regular cleaning and cleaning

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