Cause Analysis And Judgment Of Grommetsof Mechanical Seal Gasket

- Jun 16, 2017-

Cause Analysis and Judgment of Grommetsof Mechanical Seal Gasket

Installation of static test leak

Mechanical seal installation and commissioning, the general to conduct a static test, observe the amount of leakage. Such as Grommetsis small, mostly dynamic ring or static ring ring there is a problem; Grommetsis large, then the dynamic and static ring friction between the

There is a problem. In the initial observation of leakage, to determine the basis of leakage, and then manually observe the car, if there is no significant changes in the Grommetsof static and dynamic ring ring problems; such as the amount of Grommetswhen the car

Significant changes can be concluded that there is a problem with moving and static ring friction pairs. If the Grommetsmedium is sprayed axially, there is a problem with the ring seal, and the Grommetsmedium is sprayed from the water

Grommets But the hole in the leakage, then mostly for the static ring ring failure. In addition, the Grommetschannel can also exist,

But generally there are primary and secondary differences, as long as the observation of meticulous, familiar with the structure, will be able to correctly judge.

Test run when the leak.

Pump mechanical seal after a static test, running high-speed rotation of the centrifugal force, will inhibit the media leakage. Therefore, the test machine mechanical seal Grommetsin the exclusion of the shaft and the end of the seal after the failure, are basically due to moving and static ring friction caused by damage. The factors that cause the failure of the friction seal are:

(1) Grommets operation, due to evacuation, cavitation, pressure and other abnormal phenomena, causing a larger axial force, so that dynamic and static ring contact surface separation; (2) the installation of mechanical seal when the amount of compression

(3) Grommets dynamic ring seal is too tight, the spring can not adjust the axial movement of the dynamic ring;

(4) static ring ring too loose, when the dynamic ring floating, the static ring from the static ring seat; (5) the working medium in the granular material, running into the friction

(6) the design selection is wrong, sealing the end of the pressure is low or the sealing material cold shrinkage larger and so on. The above phenomenon in the trial run

Often appear, sometimes by adjusting the static ring seat to be eliminated, but most need to re-disassemble, replace the seal.

Grommets The molten pool increases the carbon content. The main measures taken are to stabilize the flame and operate in strict accordance with the operating instructions. To be satisfied with the design and

The use of the required valve surfacing surface, the need to develop work instructions and operations in strict accordance with the requirements. Although the current main surfacing method is aerobic 2 acetylene, argon

Arc welding, manual arc welding and other welding methods, welding defects are more types, but as long as the mastery of their operating rules and defects appear, you can in the process of development and operation to reduce and avoid the emergence of these defects.

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