Analyze The Advantages Of The Standard O Rings

- Aug 22, 2017-

Analyze the advantages of the Standard O Rings

Many of the industry's development and resistance to chemical standards O-ring are inseparable, and sometimes some inconspicuous factors may lead to a large gap, such as the Standard O Rings specifications, today we To understand the advantages of the Standard O Rings

Standard O Rings use of a wide range, suitable for static sealing, dynamic sealing and other forms of sealing. And the size and groove of the Standard O Rings are standardized, facilitating the replacement of parts. But also for rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined movement and other sports methods. As the Standard O Rings itself and the installation site structure has been standardized, so the installation and replacement are very easy. Another Standard O Rings low cost, dynamic frictional resistance is relatively small. Standard O Rings section structure is very simple, and there are self-sealing manufacturers, the Standard O Rings manufacturers to resolve the advantages of Standard O Rings sealing performance is safe and reliable. Can achieve the oil, air, gas and a variety of chemical media for effective sealing effect.

What is the relationship between the Standard O Rings and its friction? Today we are going to talk about this topic!

Friction and wear are important factors affecting the damage of Standard O Ringss. The degree of wear depends mainly on the size of the friction. When the liquid pressure is small, the size of the Standard O Rings friction depends on its pre-compression. When the working fluid to withstand the pressure, the friction increases with the working pressure increases. In the case of working pressure less than 20MPa, the approximate linear relationship. When the pressure is more than 20MPa, with the increase of pressure, the increase of the contact area between the Standard O Rings and the metal surface is gradually slow, and the increase of the friction force is correspondingly slow. Under normal circumstances, the life of the Standard O Rings with the liquid pressure will be similar to the increase in the square relationship was reduced. The increase in frictional force causes a large amount of frictional heat between the rotating or reciprocating shaft and the Standard O Rings. Since most Standard O Ringss are made of rubber, the thermal conductivity is extremely poor. Therefore, the friction heat will cause the aging of the rubber, resulting in the Standard O Rings effect, damage its sealing performance. Friction also causes damage to the Standard O Rings surface, reducing the amount of compression. Severe friction will quickly cause damage to the surface of the Standard O Rings, loss of sealing.

Now we can be very intuitive to know that the friction of the Standard O Rings to a large extent for the Standard O Rings life is the Standard O Rings friction affect the application of a great impact, so the application Standard O Rings when you do not ignore its friction Oh!

There are many reasons for the damage caused by the distortion, the most important of which is due to the piston, piston rod and cylinder gap is not uniform, eccentricity is too large, the Standard O Rings diameter uneven diameter caused by the Standard O Rings caused by more than a week Of the friction is not uniform, some parts of the Standard O Rings friction is too large, distortion occurs. In general, the Standard O Rings with smaller cross-section size is prone to uneven friction. Causing distortions. In addition, due to the presence of coaxial deviation of the sealing groove, the sealing height is not equal and the Standard O Rings cross-section diameter uneven phenomenon, may make a part of the Standard O Rings compression is too large, the other part is too small or not compressed. When the trenches are eccentric, the coaxial deviation is greater than the Standard O Rings compression, what is the reason for the closure of the Standard O Rings distortion will be completely ineffective. Sealing trough coaxial deviation of another big difference is the Standard O Rings along the circumference compression uneven. In addition, due to the Standard O Rings cross-section diameter, material hardness, oil film thickness and other uneven and the surface of the shaft surface roughness and other factors, resulting in a part of the Standard O Rings along the surface of the slide, the other part of the rolling, Resulting in the distortion of the Standard O Rings. Standard O Rings in the process of distortion occurs is a very dangerous thing, every day to pay attention to avoid!

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