Analysis Of Large O-rings Bonding Processing Method

- Oct 13, 2017-

Type O sealing ring size company is a professional fluorine rubber O - rings, type O sealing ring size company, our experts will bring you today "seal - what are the characteristics of the large O rings bonding processing method", hope that through our introduction to let you to large O - rings bonding processing methods to analyze the problems such as have a deeper understanding

Characteristics of sealing ring:

1. Working medium and working conditions

When selecting the sealing ring material, the compatibility with the working medium should be considered first. The pressure, temperature, continuous working time and operating cycle of the seal shall be considered. If used in rotation, the temperature rise caused by friction heat should be considered. Different o-rings materials have different physical properties and chemical properties. See "rubber o-rings raw material characteristics table".

2. Sealing form

The load type can be divided into static seal and dynamic seal; The sealing USES can be divided into hole seal, shaft seal and rotary shaft seal. The installation can be divided into radial installation and axial installation. In the radial installation, the deviation between the inner diameter of the sealing ring and the diameter of the sealed diameter d2 shall be as small as possible for the axial seal. For hole seal, the inner diameter of the hole should be equal to or slightly less than the diameter of the groove d1.

When the shaft is installed, consider the pressure direction. When internal pressure, the outer diameter of the sealing ring should be about 1 ~ 2% of the outer diameter of the groove. In external pressure, the inner diameter of O ring seal should be 1 ~ 3% smaller than that of groove diameter.

The correct selection of o-rings is mainly related to materials, dimensions, tolerances and compressors. Here is my experience to share:

1. When choosing o-rings specifications, the materials of o-rings should be determined first. All kinds of materials have their own whereabouts and USES. They have oil resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and so on. So in choosing o-rings, you have to know where the product is used, what it needs to do, what it does, how long it's going to work, so that you can have a target selection of the o-rings material that you need.

2. The size of o-rings has outer diameter, inner diameter and diameter. As long as the size of the inner diameter and the diameter of the diameter is indicated in our engineering drawing, the outer diameter is equal to the inner diameter of 2 *. Or only the size of the outside diameter and the diameter of the line. You can pick one of these.

3. The tolerance of o-rings is mainly of tolerance of internal diameter and tolerance of line diameter. The tolerance of o-rings depends on the size of the size. The bigger the size, the bigger the tolerance.

O - rings in the affected by external various environmental factors, such as: distortion, oxygen, ozone, light, heat, moisture, oil, or chemical solvents, such as the influence of O - rings may fail because of its physical and chemical properties change. In DIN7716, ISO2230, DIN9088 and other standards, the basic rules of the storage, cleaning and maintenance of rubber o-rings are made.

1: temperature: 5-25 ℃ is ideal storage temperature. Contact with heat source and sunlight should be avoided. O - rings, taken from the low temperature storage condition should be put it at 20 ℃ environment, and then use.

2. Humidity: the relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70%, avoid too wet or too dry, and no condensation phenomenon.

3: lighting: avoid sunlight and strong uv light source. Uv - proof packaging can provide the best protection. Suggest a red or orange paint or a thin film on the window of the warehouse.

4: radiation: avoid the damage of ionizing radiation to o-rings.

5: oxygen and ozone: o-rings should avoid exposure to circulating air. This purpose can be achieved by packaging, wrapping, storing in airtight containers or other suitable means. Ozone is harmful to most elastomers, and the following equipment is avoided in the warehouse: mercury vapor lamp, high voltage electrical equipment, motor and other equipment.

6: deformation: o-rings should be placed as free as possible to avoid stretch, compression or other deformations.

7: contact with liquid or semi-solid materials: no contact with solvents, oils, lipids or other semi-solid materials.

8: contact with metal or non-metallic materials: no contact with magnetic materials, cast iron, copper and alloys, or materials that may damage rubber. Do not use PVC material to pack o-rings. Do not mix o-rings of different materials.

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