oil resistance Flap Valve

oil resistance Flap Valve

Flap Valve manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Flap Valve, Gate Vlave, Gate Valve and so on.

Product Details

oil resistance flap valve - featured by good resistance against oil, water, heat, and shock. Equipped with Taiwan quality control and production technology, Doit Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of in China. You can rest assured to try our customized service and wholesale custom products from our factory.

Product Detail

We manufacture Flap Valve sealing valves.

Flapper valves has a higed flap that swings in one direction only.

Dpplications include: fuel tank, toilet

Choose material:

Chloroprene Rubber (CR)

General Information:

ASTM D2000

SAE J 200 codes

Relative Cost

Primary Uses:

- Refrigeration industry applications

- General purpose seals, hose and wire

Performs Well in ...

- Refrigerants - Freon

- Ammonia

- Water and water solvents at low temperatures

- Silicone grease and oils

- Ozone, aging & weathering

need more information, please contact with DOIT.

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