Silicone Rubber Diaphragm for Solar PV Modules Laminator

Silicone Rubber Diaphragm for Solar PV Modules Laminator

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Product Details

Silicone rubber diaphragm for solar pv modules laminator - featured by good resistance against oil, water, heat, and shock. Equipped with Taiwan quality control and production technology, Doit Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of in China. You can rest assured to try our customized service and wholesale custom products from our factory.

Product Detail

Basic Information
  • Material: Silicone Rubber

  • Feature: Wear-resistant, Impact-resistant, Heat-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Insulating

  • Raw Materials: Silicone

  • Performance: Solar PV Modules Lamination Sheet

  • Package: Polybag

  • Hardness: 70 Shore a

  • Tensile Strength: >10.8MPa

  • Tensile Elongation: 680%

  • Tearing Strength: >48n/Mm

  • Tensile Permanent Deformation: 4%

  • Specification: ISO 9001: 2000

  • Origin: China

Product Description
1. Excellent acid-resistance
2. Better temperature resistance
3. Longer service life

Detailed Product Description

According to specific working conditions and lose-efficacy forms of solar laminated sheet, Durney develops the fourth generation silicone rubber sheet. Based on the former silicone rubber sheet, this one brings in the green environmental reinforcing material which is acid resistant, chemical resistant, high temperature resistant, so the tensile strength, tearing strength, and dimensional stability of the silicone rubber sheet are greatly improved, then the life time is longer. The advantage of the silicone rubber sheet is that even if it is used to the extreme, the solar modules will not be damaged.

Recently, the factory introduced into most advanced equipment, new material, latest technology, and exploit the fourth generation of silicone rubber sheet for solar laminator----Fluorine silicone rubber sheet. Based on the characteristics of the heating resistance, low modulus, big elastic deformation, good elastic recovery of the former silicone rubber sheet, Fluorine silicone rubber sheet overcomes the weakness that silicone rubber sheet is not resistant to acidic medium (especially EVA volatile), it will not become hard and fragile after using a period of time, it'll keep good elasticity and strength. Because of the surface inertness, it has good stain resistance and easy to clean, so the performance will be better and it'll have longer using life (more than three times).

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